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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Shamanic Power Animals

Shamanic Power Animals are protective and helping spirits, like we think of Angels but more available to help us in the spirit realms. They never leave us except to bring another guide to help us. They also evolve spiritually as they are Soul. They have this opportunity to move forward spiritually by acting as spirit helpers to human beings. A true Shamanic Animal guide does not have it’s own agenda and it is here to work on your behalf with the ideal of “service-to-others”. This is the animal spirit’s way to self-development, so it does it joyfully and in full awareness. It knows it can set itself free by helping a higher spirit gain knowledge. All life is Soul! All are teachers.

A Shamanic power animal, also known as a totem animal will become your main shamanic guide and helper spirit. A Shamanic Power Animal is ‘brought back” from the “Lower World” (underlying spirit world ). This world we also refer to as the ”Pristine World” as no humans live there. This world is dreamlike but has “light” substance. The Spirit souls of specific living Animals and Trees are met here. They appear the same as their natural Specie body they inhabit in 3-D life but are as intelligent and have more inner wisdom then we do in the beginning. They can and do appear as any animal currently living on Earth. But once it appears as a Wolf, Bear or whatever it must never change shape. In this Shamanic System we only accept Power Animals with a living Earthly counterpart. The Shamanic Power Animal will at all times exhibit respect, a stable form always in the way you first envisioned it, and it agrees to work only on your personal behalf.

We at the Sedona Shamanic School do not accept all Spirit animals as helper spirits as other Shamanic Practices do. We teach specific rules and questions to which a power animal must comply. We are adamant and advocate the continued use of discernment and testing during all journeys. We come to learn that just because a being is in spirit form that does not mean that the spirit is for your highest good. This Shamanic Path is about learning and using discernment at all times. Always testing the situation, the animal, and the soul piece that are joined together in the moment karmic situation. Remember you are here to interview an assistant, the best you can find, how do you you think it should behave?

On this Shamanic Journey Path you will never accept the following animals: house pets such as domestic Cats & Dogs, Snakes or any Fish. Unicorns, Centaurs, Dragons and other Extinct/Mythical creatures are also not accepted under any conditions. The mammal soul must be also accessible in the physical form in the here and now on Earth.

The water mammals: Dolphins, Whales, Turtles and Seals are acceptable as power animals/totems. No other fish or inhabitant of the water or sea are allowed by the Shamanic Path we teach. You want as a guide the highest and the best, that is how you can really learn what is real.

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