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Thursday, May 8, 2008

How does Soul Recovery work?

This work enables an individual to actively work on behavior and compulsive issues on one’s self. The practitioner uses an animal helper spirit and can then journey to view the source of a current dilemma, pain or issue (Soul Loss). When one returns to the original event and addresses and resolves the issue cause in that pertinent past life situation, then one can bring back the lost soul piece back to the current self. With the missing piece returned, that negative energy which had taken the place of the soul piece can leave and ones life begins to correct itself in that area of behavior.

Whenever we experience a traumatic event, part of our consciousness separates from us in order to survive some aspect of the instantaneous experience. This sudden sharp loss recycles itself in time as a focused memory sapping energy each time a similar event occurs. It is a fact that you cannot heal what is not present or denied. One can learn to live with the particular memory to a certain degree but at some point, for the mind to be completely healed, Soul Recovery must be done to separate the Soul fragment(s) from the past experience or memory and to bring that fragment into the present moment with its potential healing.

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