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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Picture tells the story...

     What do you see, when you are "Out There" in other worlds? The ability to "see" in the other worlds comes rapidly for some and slowly for others, which I would like to explore a bit today.
     For some its all about the small spot in the brain known as the pineal gland (a physical generator of spiritual energy) which can be energetically bound and inhibit the third eye in assisting the traveler with vision in other realms. Consider taking some time to meditate and consciously remove these blockages. Try and visualize tiny bands being removed from the pea size gland you may be surprised at the results. 
     For those of you who tend towards being more empathic (emotion based) or kinesthetic (touch or movement based) you may experience journey's in other realms through those pathways initially. I want to remind all of you feelers and movers that your experiences and ability to intuit for soul pieces is no less valuable though these pathways. Yet developing all your senses in other worlds will not only serve yourself but also you client's.  I would suggest doing some journeying of your own and really try to notice if you can include more visual cues to anchor the energy you are feeling or touching. I'll give you an example.....
     Say for example you travel to the lower world, that place of pristine natural beauty where plant and animal life abound.... you connect with your power animal and ask to be taken to a place that you can retrieve a soul piece around the issue of depression. For the empaths you may not see any pictures but "feel" uncomfortable and closed in, for the kinesthetic you may actually feel this in you physical body as a tightness or a change in body temperature. At this moment ask your guide and power animal to enhance the scene and give you more detail. Patience with yourself at this point is vital, frustration with not seeing generally perpetuates more of the same.  If you can take note of the colors, shapes, and symbols in your field, doing this and practising will surely develop a more visual experience in your journeying. I will go further and suggest that in your waking life to also begin to cue yourself into visuals such as the color of your friend's shirt, or the pattern of your tile in the bathroom, etc... which will naturally flow into your psychic field.
     As an artist and a therapist I have always trusted that the picture tells the story, and it is yet another way to explore your shamanic skills in service to the planet, others, and yourself.
I wish you good journeys with love and kindness....

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