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Blue Cloud & Seth Coronado are the Founders of Sedona Shamanic School. Our professional staff offers Soul Recovery classes from Beginning (Level-1 Journey for the Self), to Advanced Teacher level training.(928) 202-0635

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What is Shamanic Soul Recovery

Shamanic Soul Recovery teaches you to explore non-ordinary reality in order to assist yourself in areas of Soul (consciousness) loss and fracturing. The Shamanic training process and purpose being defined as; Traveling with your animal helper spirit (Shamanic Power Animal) to retrieve lost fragments of yourself (soul) from any reality, timeline or lifetime including those from lives on other planets.

What is Soul loss/fracture?
The Soul can be considered total consciousness, the all of us that makes up the sum total of our authentic self/being. How fully we are able to experience this authentic self and to “see” in the inner realms depends on how much of ourselves we have recovered from past traumatic events and their memories (cycling pieces of consciousness/Soul bound to a past event). The restoration of the Soul Piece leads to more joy and presence in all realities. This feeling is due to the individual being consciously reconnected with a ‘lost’ part of the Authentic Self. Do you ever feel like this?

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