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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Experiment……in Soul Recovery

Remember when you took your Level one and two class, the excitement in meeting your power animal and the energy in the room when people were journeying?
Yet lately you may feel disconnected or like you need a refresher, I’d like to suggest an experiment to all students of the Sedona Shamanic School; today make a commitment to find your handbook and journey for yourself for three consecutive days for at least 15 minutes.
Building your personal power in the three worlds by journeying consistently will enable you to improve your vision and restore your soul pieces. I also hope it will inspire you to realize that the work of soul retrieval is so very vital right now. Today our planet is in need of awareness and freedom from the fears that limit our dreams.
When I first took my Level 1 class in Sedona I had to wait 3 months to take the Level 2. Thinking I would be REALLY prepared I began to journey every morning when I would get on the treadmill at the gym. I can only imagine what my early morning gym mates thought as I was blowing and waving my arms but it worked for me. I gained confidence in my skills and slowly began to trust my vision. I also felt that it was a good practice to work on myself first. Self healing is the true path to power vs. the belief that we must be caretakers and fixers for others.
I hope to be contributing on a regular basis to the newsletter and look forward to hearing from students and those curious about Soul Recovery and the work at the Sedona Shamanic School. I will welcome any discoveries or challenges you would like to share about your Experiment. I can be reached at janine@sedonashamanicschool.com.
I wish you good journeys and loving-kindness Janine�

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