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Thursday, May 8, 2008

How does a Soul Piece leave?

A Soul (consciousness) piece can leave under a variety of circumstances. The trauma necessary to create a Soul fracture or loss can be caused by a variety of causes; loss of kin, rape, a broken heart, verbal & mental abuse, car accident, surgery, beatings, torture, war, alien abduction, military life, and chip implant. There are also nightmare torture sequences induced by outside means such as dream state mind-control technology which is within the capability of our government. These are a few of the many ways in which a soul can be fractured. As Soul fracturing events have occurred in every one of our lifetimes, we are left today (in this life) with only a small bit of our total true spirituality (soul) and mental power potential. Most of our true spiritual power we have left behind in our past.

One must remember that as we have lived countless lifetimes and in each life patterns emerged based on the words, thoughts and deeds we performed in the past and that are actively creating the now and programming the future. We are continually reaping what we have sown. These collective patterns that have emerged from our actions and reactions now comprise our current life and dictates our physical, mental and spiritual limitations. In other words, our destiny. While Destiny may be set, our Freewill is not and proper application of this wisdom can enable us to preempt the future by correcting the past. This can be learned by anyone willing to put the small effort required daily.

The Karmic Implication states that for every action there is a reaction. Here we find that the Karmic Implication has three clear connections to our current life. 1) Fate Karma, that which is manifested in the now as our current life in all its nuances, family ties, caste, color, religion, nationality and mental leanings. 2) New Seed Karma; New seeds being continually planted for future harvest and lastly 3) Stored Karma; those reactions held for a future life. So from this perspective it seems as though we have, through our past words, thoughts and deeds, brought about our current destiny. So what can we do about it now to change our current situation as it is now apparent that we are reaping exactly what we deserve. How do we become more deserving?

Perhaps it is here that Shamanic Soul Recovery has its greatest power. That unique Soul power that one acquires during the journey and recovery process that redeems one’s current self through resolution with the past in the now. Soul Recovery brings about the re-establishment of the self as a whole being focused here and now in this lifetime. Fractured throughout time and place, the soul longs and cries out from the myriad traps in which it finds itself scattered through creation. In all beings this crying out is a source of behavioral issues, nightmares, depression, delusion, unhappiness, guilt, sorrow, loss of self esteem, and other inner and outer torments. Luckily we can learn to bring ourselves back and recover our soul parts in the here and now. We can become more deserving by loving, forgiving, detaching from the past, lots of soul recovery, meditation and returning to others all the power which we have taken from them in any lifetime. Do you want to move forward and be free from the past? What are you doing about it?


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