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Friday, June 6, 2008

Shamanizing the Planet

    I read recently about how shamanic principals and methods are becoming more popular in our culture. What does that mean really? 
    On one level I think as a whole our culture is finally stepping up to see the wisdom of indigeneous peoples' healing methods as viable pathways to creating health and wellness on all levels.  Yet how can we begin to engage this new reality without imposing ourselves or reducing these powerful methods into the next big trend ?
    As a person with European roots approaching the native traditions of the Americas, I am humbled  and recognize that the translation of these healing methods will always be a "translation".  I also acknowledge that this in no way diminishes the experience and in my reality this is the beauty of where we are evolving spiritually. Respect seems to me the path towards understanding,  if I respect your way of connecting to Spirit than I can begin to understand the rich variety of expression on the planet. 
   There are many so-called "Plastic Shamans" ripping off as it were Native traditions and wholesaling them to earnest seekers who I believe are re- membering on a deep level, who and what they truly are...... human beings. It is my hope that this push towards shamanic work in the collective unconscious is a sign of the shift towards wholeness in us all, and that those seeking to wholesale the experience will continue to evolve towards love and kindness.
I wish you good journeys....
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